Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney

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The Law Office of Susan F. Widenbaum P.C. is a Michigan   Law firm specializing in Bankruptcy debt relief.


If you are having problems with harassing phone calls, debt collectors, foreclosures, or even wage garnishments, call us today.

The Laws have changed making Bankruptcy more difficult than ever. However, our resources will allow you to navigate through the process.


Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

Attorney Susan Widenbaum is a Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist   who has extensive experience in Bankruptcy law.   She has prosecuted thousands of Bankruptcy cases and is an asset to any bankruptcy proceeding.

Many attorneys are familiar with the Bankruptcy Law as it existed before 2005, but the substantial changes in Bankruptcy require a dynamic approach. The Widenbaum Law Firm has the intellectual resources to tackle difficult problems and provide you with a fresh start. The firm also aggressively litigates on behalf of its clients.


The first step in assessing your debt problems is for you to call or e-mail the Widenbaum Law Firm. You will be provided with a free consultation to determine if Bankruptcy is the right option for you. If bankruptcy is the right option for you, the firm will diagnose the proper strategy for you based on your specific needs.

The firm uses the most up to date technology to help its clients. In addition, the firm schedules appointments from  Monday through Friday, and can make arrangements for evening   appointments to work around your schedule


Why The Widenbaum Law Firm for Bankruptcy?

What makes our firm unique, aside from our experience, is that the attorneys you hire will actually perform the work on your case. Many consumer law firms take your money and then assign your case to somebody who does not know the specific facts of your case, or is not qualified to handle your case. At the Widenbaum Law Firm, we will commit to your case until it is completed.

In addition, the Firm uses an organized, integrated approach to bankruptcy preparation. Be wary of the firm that takes your money, and makes promises only to continuously fail to meet deadlines. At the Widenbaum Law Firm, an attorney will outline a timeline for your case verbally and in writing, so you know what to expect throughout the process.

Finally, the Widenbaum Law Firm offers affordable prices.

Please call today to take advantage of the services provided by the Widenbaum Law Firm.

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